How to scan with OCR online Google Drive

How to scan with OCR online Google Drive

Do you know that Google Drive will let you do a good scan OCR?

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are used to convert images containing text in text files.

If you need esegure an online OCR conversion, a good solution may be to use the OCR text recognition program content in Google Drive, we see how to use it.

How to make a scan OCR with Google Drive

Have you taken a picture or downloading an image containing text and now you want to turn that text into an editable document?

First, upload the image on Google Drive.

Once you upload the file click on it with the right mouse button. (The image used for this tutorial found HERE).

In the displayed menu, click Open with and then on Google Documents.

How to make a scan OCR with Google Drive

Waiting a few seconds the end of the conversion, after that you will be shown the newly converted file.

The conversion has created a file containing, on top of the file there is the image you just converted and below the converted file with OCR.

How to scan with OCR online Google Drive

We have deliberately used as a screen image of our website to show the goodness of this OCR converter that even in the face of complex pages, such as a website, ottie + will still sound good.

Important: Google Drive is able to convert images with OCR distinguishing between more than 200 languages.

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